My name is Dallas Tibbetts and I am an experienced, licensed massage therapist on Lopez Island. Through my practice, I work hard to create a specific treatment plan catered to your needs. So commonly, we as humans, tend to disconnect from our bodies to persevere through our lives to accomplish other goals. All the while, forgetting the most important part; the body itself. The aches, pains and stresses incurred through daily living need to be addressed. Let your body and your health guide you back to your well-being. What does your compass say, time for a massage?


These services are blended together to create the BEST treatment plan for you; at no additional cost. My philosophy is - you should not be limited to receiving the most beneficial work because of an additional upgrade. A massage catered to individual needs meets different requirements for each person.





Oil Massage


An Ancient Science

A trigger point is a tender spot within a tight  muscle that is overly contracted and when pushed elicits local pain felt in other areas of the body. Using a variety of manual techniques helps release tight muscle creating stability, long term structural change with a reduction in pain.

Natural Healing

Deep Tissue is a healing modality based on the principles of firmer and slower techniques to reach deeper layers of connective tissues, like muscle and fascia. This is beneficial to clients who experience chronic pain and would like additional attention to troubled areas

Balance Your Soul

Using superficial techniques to relax and rejuvenate; leaving your body and mind clear of worries and stress. Decreasing stress allows the immune system to get stronger. While increasing blood flow leads to better circulation which in turn promotes faster healing.






Freedom From Pressure

Cups are placed on the skin creating negative pressure with means of suction. Stationary cups glide over the skin providing a wonderful fascial stretch and lymphatic flush. Static cups are for areas of pain, hardened inflammation, and injuries to tissues not receiving proper blood flow. These therapies both promote faster healing times and increased circulation while treating pain and sedating the nervous system.

Melt Away

Heat has been used for a very long time to ease sore muscles. Also, helping to increase circulation and oxygenation within the muscles. This massage technique will allow your muscles to relax. All while, relieving tension that has built up and lessening the risk of an injury.

Injury Treatment

Sport massage uses the application of massage techniques that follow sound anatomical and physiological consideration, combined with basic musculo-skeletal evaluation techniques to ensure the health and well-being of the athlete and fitting for general population. Sports massage can be used as part of a training program to help prevent injury;  rehabilitation to treat an injury; a warm up for an event or as part of the wind down after the even



6 0      MINUTES HANDS ON - 85 $

9 0    MINUTES HANDS ON - 120 $

1 2 0    MINUTES HANDS ON - 150 $

Misty Forest Reflection

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Thanks to Dallas, I went from immobility to reclaiming a life of activity. Originally, I was working with another therapist in the same practice and because of the severity of my frozen shoulder, he recommended that I seek out Dallas. In fact, she helped him diagnose my situation, just through consultation.
Because of the severity of my immobility, I was going to both massage therapy and physiotherapy. Dallas is so knowledgeable a healer: she gave me guidance on exercises to do that my physiotherapists also agreed with; she suggested changes in my daily activities that immediately reduced pain; she used additional techniques, such as cupping, which turned out to have significant impact in “defrosting” my shoulder.
I am an athlete, yoga lover, and ballroom dancer. The prospect of being off the field, the yoga mat, and the dance floor for two years from frozen shoulder (which is what many articles indicated) was devastating. It took a while to realize that I should get help from Dallas, but in three months, she was able to help unlock a range of motion beyond the plateau I seemed to be hitting in my treatment program thus far. I could not be more grateful for Dallas’ healing and genuine concern for her clients.
Last night, I went dancing with my partner for the first time in seven months. It was both exhilarating and “normal” – exhilarating that I was able to get my normal life back. Thank you, Dallas.

 Karen Wong

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